Complex Fluids Group

Complex Fluids Group study the macroscopic to molecular. Researchers in the Complex Fluids Group study the molecular changes that are induced by flows that give rise to the macroscopic material behaviour.

Complex fluids encompass many of the fluids that we experience every day. Foods, toothpaste and shampoo to name a few. Complex fluids differ from liquids like water in their flow behaviour in that they are often elastic and become less viscous the faster they flow. These differences are due to the presence of polymers, surfactants and or nano-particles.

Research Philosophy

research — n. f: cerche search 2. A search or investigation undertaken to discover facts and reach new conclusions by the critical study of a subject or by a course of scientific enquiry.

philosophy n. the use of reason and argument in seeking truth and knowledge of reality, esp. the causes and nature of things and of the principles governing existence, the material universe, perception of physical phenomena, and human behaviour.

Our group research philosophy is simple: creativity is discovery is fun.The rest is hard work.

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