Sam Gason “A Rheo-optic Study of Polymer Solutions"
Graduated Nov 1999, Currently employed 3M, Minnesota
Andrew Rodd“Emulsion Stabilisation Using Biopolymers”
Currently employed with Bain Consulting
Luisa Jayme“Electronkinetics of Protein Stabilised Emulsions”
Tai Du “Molecular and Rheological Characterisation of Gelatine Gels”
Yalin Wei“Rheooptic Measurements of Colloidal Gold Rods and Polymers”
Yalin studied shear-induced deformation and orientation characteristics of polymer by UV-VIC absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy. Significant degree of chain alignment was found for rigid rod-like polymer during shear. A new physical interpretation of the flow behaviour of polymers above critical overlap concentration has been suggested by this study.
Yu Chen“Rheological Characterisation of LBG/Carrageenan Gels”
APAI with Uncle Ben’s Australia
Ivana Junatan“Shear Effect Using the Gelation of Biopolymer Gels”
Collaborative Project with Unilever UK, Colworth House. Rheological investigation on the formation and properties of Agar Fluid Gels.
Completed M.Eng.Sc. 2005
Di Goodall 
Audrey Walewijk “Rheology and Structure of Novel Fluid Gels. Structure Creation in Flow of Biopolymer Fluid Gels.”
Completed M. Eng. Sci 2007
Yann Auffret“Understanding the way microstructures formed by self-assembling molecules in solution influence their macroscopic flow properties”
M. Eng. Sci
Jill Mahon“Rheological Characterisation of Pectin Gels”
Rob Salvatore “Temperature Dependence of the Rheological Properties of Biopolymer Mixtures”
Carolina Lundin“Amyloid Formation in Egg Lysozyme”