Dr Eirini Goudeli


Eirini Goudeli is Lecturer, Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She has a Diploma from University of Patras, Greece and PhD from ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Prof Sotiris Pratsinis group). She carried out post-doctoral research at the University of Minnesota (Assist Prof Chris Hogan group) before joining The University of Melbourne. Her research is focusing on synthesis of nanoparticles by gas-phase methods and multiscale modeling of particle formation and growth by interfacing molecular dynamics simulations, mesoscale models and population balance equations. Gas-phase methods, such as flame spray pyrolysis, are used routinely for commercial synthesis of nanostructured particles (eg, fumed silica, pigmentary titania, carbon black, Ni) as well as for advanced materials (eg, photocatalysts, nanofluids and biomaterials). This systematic approach to study particle formation can offer significant insight into fundamental physical principles and mechanisms that may be exploited by chemical industry and nanotechnology.

Research interests

  • Multiscale modeling & simulation of aerosol reactor design for the synthesis of nanomaterials (discrete models – Molecular & Brownian Dynamics, continuum models – balance equations), aerosol particle dynamics & growth, chemical reactions
  • Theory & simulation of polymer nanocomposites, modeling of their rheological and mechanical properties, nanoparticle interactions with biological interfaces
  • Molecular Simulations, Statistical Mechanics, reactive Molecular Dynamics


  • GAeF Award for Outstanding PhD in Aerosol Science, International Aerosol Conference (IAC), St Louis, MO, USA (2018).
  • ETH Medal for Outstanding PhD Thesis, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (2016).
  • Best Presentation Award, Fall Meeting, Materials Research Society (MRS), Symposium HH on Flame and High-Temperature Synthesis of Functional Nanomaterials, Boston, MA, USA (2014).


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