Research interests and projects

Our research group focuses on materials, processes and especially separations which can improve the sustainability of modern energy related technologies.

We are interested in understanding and uncovering the fundamentals of how molecules can be separated and reacted and how energy can be manipulated to develop cleaner, more efficient technologies for today’s industrialised world.

We focus on adsorbent materials for gas and liquid separations, catalysis for clean energy production, biofuel production from microalgae and thermodynamic optimisation and energy storage. The strong link between fundamental knowledge of the molecular processes and development and realistic testing of improved technologies underpins all of our research programs. If the science has no application, we don’t investigate it. Equally, we don’t simply conduct empirical testing in the Edisonian approach. It is essential that all our developments must be based on a thorough understanding of the underlying physical principles.

While most of our work is experimental (materials development, characterisation testing, bench top and field testing), we also develop and use a range of computational tools ranging from molecular simulation through to process modelling and optimisation.

Research projects