2019 news

Plenary at MEMDES4

Professor Amanda Ellis has delivered a plenary talk in Perth, Western Australia at the 4th International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology (MEMDES4), titled “From marine biology to surface chemistry – the impact on desalination”.

Keynote at ICFCM2019 and ICSMR2019

Professor Amanda Ellis has delivered a keynote speech in Brisbane, Queensland at the 4th International Conference on Frontiers of Composite Materials (ICFCM2019) and 5th International Conference on Smart Material Research (ICSMR2019) titled “Printing of Recyclable, Flexible and Transparent Polymer Piezoelectric Generators Through SWCNT Templating”.

McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow success

Congratulations to Dr Simone Hendrikse for being awarded the highly competitive McKenzie Fellowship. She will continue her research on DNA hybrid materials.

The McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowships Program has been established to attract outstanding recent doctoral graduates to the University from around the world. The Program aims to recruit new researchers who have the potential to build and lead interdisciplinary collaborative research activities inside and across Academic Divisions. The Program is highly competitive, with only ten McKenzie Fellowships and one Indigenous McKenzie Fellowship available each year.

Professor Amanda Ellis has started her role as the Head of  Department

Congratulations to Professor Amanda Ellis for starting her role on the 1 September 2019 as the Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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