Research leader

Administrative Assistant

  • Louise Baker Telephone: +61 3 8344 0121

    Room 3.30, Building 165 (Chemical Engineering 1)




Name Position Last known affiliation
Dr Renzo Fenati PhD Candidate and Research Assistant The University of Sydney, Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Jonathan Sierke PhD Candidate and Research Fellow  
Dr Konstantin Romanenko Research Fellow New York University, Research Fellow
Dr Alexey Glushenkov Research Fellow Australian National University, Research Leader in Battery Materials
Dr Christopher Fewkes Research Assistant  
Dr Dmitriy Khodakov Research Fellow Rice University, Research Scientist
Dr Luke Sweetman Research Fellow IP Australia, Patent Examiner
Dr Andrew Blok Research Fellow University of Nottingham, Research Fellow
Dr Murthy Bandaru Research Fellow Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Senior Development Scientist
Dr Yang Yu Research Fellow CITIC Pacific Mining, Laboratory Technician
Dr Kristina Constantopoulos Research Fellow SafeWork SA, Manager
Dr Nick Shepelin PhD Candidate and Research Assistant Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland, Research Fellow
Michael Wilson PhD Candidate Melbourne Polytechnic, STEM Communications Officer
Dr Simon Bou PhD Candidate  
Gaurav Singhai PhD Candidate Flinders University
Ashley Blythe Honours Swinburne University of Technology, PhD Candidate
Cheylan McKinley Honours Flinders University, Technical Assistant
Jonathan Ben-David Honours The Fan Shop
Emma McGough Honours Jurlique, Quality Control Officer
Dr Cheng Fang   The University of Newcastle, Senior Research Fellow
Dr Wafa Algothmi PhD Candidate  
Dr Jessirie Dilag PhD Candidate RMIT University, Research Fellow
Dr Kerrilee Allan PhD Candidate ACT Health, Forensic Chemist
Dr Thomas Macdonald Honours Imperial College London, Research Fellow
Visiting researchers
Dr Sharifah Nabihah Syed Jaafar Visiting Researcher Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Head of Materials Science Programme
Parul Johar Visiting Researcher University of York, PhD Candidate
Khairunnisa Waznah Baharin Visiting Researcher Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, PhD Candidate
Dr Nianjia Seow Visiting Researcher National University of Singapore, Research Fellow