Bioprocessing and food engineering

Key people and labs

  1. Prof Sally Gras

    Research interests:
    Nano and biomolecular engineering; Nanostructured materials; Tailored biomaterials and emulsions; Nano-diagnostics, nano-toxicology, nano-therapeutics; Fermentation processes and scale-up

    Dairy Innovation Hub Gras Research Group

  2. Assoc Prof Greg Martin

    Research interests:
    Biofuel production processes (Fermentation, microalgae, lignocellulose); Dairy processing (Casein micelles, powder, concentration); Microalgal processing (Cell disruption, lipid extraction, biomass processing)

    Dairy Innovation Hub Algal Processing Group

  3. Prof Sandra Kentish

    Research interests:
    Carbon capture and storage; Dairy processing; Membrane Technology (Carbon Capture, Water Treatment, desalination); Separations technology; Sonoprocessing (Ultrasound); Water recycling
  4. Prof Ray Dagastine

    Research interests:
    Atomic Force Microscopy and surface characterisation; Brownian Dynamics of Particles; Chemical Product Formulation Colloidal and Interfacial Phenomena (Soft Matter, Drops & Bubbles, Surface Forces, Emulsions & Foams, Product Formulation, AFM, Nanomechanics, Anisotropic Particle Diffusion, Scattering); Emulsions and Foams; Micro-Cantilever fabrication

    Dagastine Research Group