Research opportunities

PhD and postdoctoral positions will be based in the Caruso Nanoengineering Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Graduate PhD students

Advances in materials science are poised to revolutionise healthcare and medicine, in areas including drug delivery, tissue engineering, sensing and diagnostics.

We are looking for creative Bachelors or Masters graduates to join the group. We take students from any undergraduate background, as long as you are passionate about making a difference! Students will join a multidisciplinary team and will use state-of-the-art facilities to explore novel research in next-generation thin films and particle systems with engineered properties, for applications in nanoscience and biomedicine. Previous research experience in materials science, polymer science, or biological sciences would be an asset. Stipends or scholarships (living allowances and tuition fees) will be available to high-calibre applicants.

Potential high-calibre applicants can request further information and forward their resumes, along with their academic results, to Prof Frank Caruso at

Additional information on the PhD application process and scholarships can be found on the University’s Melbourne Study website:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering

Postdoctoral fellows

Postdoctoral positions focused in the areas of polymer science, biomaterials, and colloid and interface science may be available (subject to funding, space and specialisation). Potential high-calibre applicants can email their resumes to Prof Frank Caruso.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Nanotechnology for Immunology

An opportunity exists for an early career researcher to join a team bridging nanotechnology and immunology in the Caruso Nanoengineering Group at the Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Melbourne. You will be responsible for leading high-quality research in the application of nanotechnology for HIV cure and prevention, from fundamental understanding of how particle design influences interactions with target cells to determining efficacy of drug-loaded nanomaterials in HIV and vaccine models. In the position, you will be expected to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of materials scientists, chemists and engineers, as well as immunologists, virologists and mathematicians from the Peter Doherty Institute and the Kirby Institute (NSW). You will be outcome-driven and lead the timely dissemination of research outcomes through publication in high-impact peer-reviewed journals and presentations to a wide audience.

Contact Prof Frank Caruso:
Telephone: 8344 3461

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Prospective postdoctoral fellows should consider applying for various suitable fellowships: