Our laboratories are highly collaborative environments, where a large portion of our key infrastructure is part of and accessible through the Materials Characterisation and Fabrication Platform (MCFP). Please contact Platform Support Officer (Nanomaterials Characterisation) for access to the atomic force microscopes and other materials characterisation equipment.

Equipment list

  • Atomic Force Microscopy
    • Asylum Research, MFP3D mounted on a Nikon TE-2000 inverted microscope
    • Asylum Research, MFP3D mounted on a Nikon TE-i inverted microscope. Acoustic hood
    • Asylum Research, Cypher small sample high resolution imaging SPM
    • Veeco, Dimension 3100 with a Nanoscope IIIa controller
  • Total Internal Reflection Microscope
    • with Optical tweezers
  • Quorum Technologies, Emitech K575X Turbo Sputter Coater
  • BioForce Nanosciences, Inc., UV/Ozone ProCleaner Plus
  • Surface Force Measurement & Low Dust Environment Sample Preparation facilities
  • DataPhysics, OCA-20 contact angle meter and tensiometer
  • TSI, Atomizer Model 9302A
  • Rotary Membrane Cross Flow Emulsification Unit
  • Microfluidics device characterisation microscope and suite of flow control systems
  • SwissLitho, NanoFrazor Explore (Accessible through ANFF-Vic, located at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication)
  • We also have access to:
    • Electron Microscopy
    • High Temperature Ovens
    • Dynamic Light Scattering and particle sizing equipment (see the MCFP)